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What is a promo code and what is Film Festival Circuit Inc?

A Promo Code is a discount for submitting a screenplay or film to Withoutabox or FilmFreeway. Film Festival Circuit, Inc. is an event company that produces six different film festival events in the United States. Our film festivals are different from many other festivals around the world. Each filmmaker and screenwriter is guaranteed to have their film or screenplay reviewed and scored by twelve (12) different judges before a decision is made. Film Festival Circuit, Inc. pays over fifty judges to review films in Texas and Oregon. We regularly have ’roundtable events’ where films and screenplays are discussed at length. We work diligently to find the best films for our audience, regardless of when the film was made or where the film has been screened in the past. Every judge spends hours watching each submission from the opening to closing credits. Our submission fees start at $17.50 USD and we use the fees to fund our theater rental, judging expenses, internet marketing, web hosting, creation of awards and more.

Promo Code Portland Comedy Film Festival

Waiver Codes vs. Promo Codes

 On a daily basis, we receive hundreds of email inquiries about offering full fee waivers for films and screenplays to all six of our film festivals. We do not offer full fee waivers for any film, no matter what the reason, because it would be unfair to those that have paid their submission fees. We hope that you will still consider submitting to our film festivals and hope that a 25% promotional discount to any of our film festivals until December 31st, 2017, will help relieve some of the financial burden of promoting your film on the US Film Festival Circuit.

25% Promo Codes: FilmFreeway and Withoutabox (Expires December 31, 2017)

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival | Promo Code: acsff25
Withoutabox | FilmFreeway

Houston Comedy Film Festival | Promo Code: hcff25
Withoutabox | FilmFreeway

Oregon Documentary Film Festival | Promo Code: odff25
Withoutabox | FilmFreeway

Oregon Short Film Festival | Promo Code: osff25
Withoutabox | FilmFreeway

Oregon Scream Week | Promo Code: osw25
Withoutabox | FilmFreeway

Portland Comedy Film Festival | Promo Code: pcff25
Withoutabox | FilmFreeway

Portland Comedy Film Festival Avalon Theater 2016