“Imaginary Friends” Comedy Short Film: Houston Comedy Film Festival Spring 2017 Official Selection

"Imaginary Friends" Comedy Film

Director Jason C. Brown brings a hilarious and well executed comedy film to the Houston Comedy Film Festival Spring 2017. Starring Natalie Lynch and James Mathis III. Don’t miss this film as a part of a 4-hour independent film line-up on Saturday April 8th, 2017 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Mason. Tagline: “Imaginary Friends is a short film about a woman, her imaginary friend and the strained relationship between them. Jennifer (played by Natalie Lynch) is an impetuous young woman with a laundry list of petty problems in her life. Her issues are pretty ordinary. She dislikes her job, her relationship is on the rocks, oh, and she has an imaginary friend whom she has absolutely nothing in common with. Our film follows the unusual life of Toogie (played by James Mathis III), an imaginary friend assigned to Jennifer, as he struggles to deal with his imaginary friendship with Jennifer and his real friendship with other imaginary friends. Yeah… there are other imaginary friends. You didn’t think he was the only one did you? This unlikely pair seeks help from Jennifer’s therapist, Dr. Skochine (played by Tara Jayn) who, while well intentioned, is ill-equipped to deal with this type of couples therapy.”

Houston Comedy Film Festival

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